Pellowah is an extremely high-vibrational healing method that works on the mind and spirit to create deep and long-lasting healing. It is also a powerful tool in raising an individual’s energy vibration to help him or her reach a higher spiritual state.



Reiki is universal life force energy and a non-invasive hands-on energy healing technique which helps balance and replenish the body’s energy system by clearing the energetic blockages to allow energy to flow more freely in the body.



Shamanism is an ancient spiritual and healing practice used by Indigenous cultures worldwide and revived in modern times. From a shamanic perspective, ailments or illness in the body is due to unbalanced states and energy flow.



Spontaneous Transformation Technique is a practice used “in the moment” to change belief systems holding you back, by creating new neural pathways to unravelling the beliefs we created about ourselves as children, and in trauma.



This higher frequency Krystic energy system works by shifting the polarities into realignment and clearing the body of karmas and imprinted programs that affect the various levels of the human energy field. This enables the body’s own innate intelligence to heal itself and supports the ascension process.



“Debbie McKenzie’s Pellowah long distance healing (I have had 4 sessions so far) feels exquisite to me. It can be very subtle and also very noticeable. It brings your Presence and soul forces closer to your body for a balanced and integrative experience of softness and love. I highly recommend Pellowah Healing to strengthen your spiritual connection, earth connection and mind-body balancing. And also, for any pre/post-surgery prep/aftercare. Debbie is a pure channel for Pellowah, plus a lovely soul.”

– Kenji Kumara, M.A., Quantum Lightweaving, Sedona, AZ USA 2/18/22


“I have to tell you Debbie, I’ve been getting a lot of downloads lately and sometimes the energy gets overwhelming as I’m integrating and I get headaches. I’ve had one the past few days and as you worked on me it completely melted away because you were able to bring the codes down more fully into my matrix.
Light language, also known as keynotes for you, comes through your hands in a magical way…it felt soo good. So Thank You for that! Love everything about You.
Thank you for being the gift that you are.”

– Erica V. USA.

“Debbie starting my healing at midnight, just after I’d gone to bed. I work up at 4am and my heart felt light. As if there was more space in my heart. It was a really awesome feeling and something I’d never experienced before (and I’ve had a LOT of remote healings from various practitioners!) I fell back asleep for another four hours and work up feeling amazing! “Thank you, Debbie, I am so grateful to you and your amazing healing gifts”

– Joy Baker, BC Canada.


“Debbie’s rose healing is truly spectacular. I’ve had remote healings from people claiming to be healers but felt nothing, before, during or after their sessions and so I was a little hesitant at first. A few minutes into the agreed time, I felt as though someone had entered the room and was walking towards my feet. The energetic imprint was distinct, and so I made note of the time. Three quarters in, I felt as though I was being rocked, side to side as though I was being coddled in a lullaby. After the session was done, Debbie reached out and asked how I felt. It was then that we discussed the sensations experienced, which coincided with her healing. Debbie is one powerful lady who is full of energy, love and light. She is the real deal and I’m happy to recommend her to my clients, so they can experience her gifts and abilities. I highly recommend everyone get a session from this remarkable lady.”

– Jane Dance, Canada.


“After my healing session with Debbie, I experienced miraculous gifts in my life. My relationships have significantly improved, I have more energy, my own healing and teaching abilities have improved and new opportunities have opened for me. I feel more joyful and more connected to my I AM presence. I appreciate the unique way in which Debbie incorporates spoken words throughout her profound healing experience. You are truly an amazing healer Debbie and I can’t thank you enough. For me it has been a really big breakthrough.”

– Brigitte Jham, Austria.


“I noticed an increase in my lung capacity and was able to breathe deeper than I have in a long time. My sinuses felt more open and I could feel vibration in my body occasionally.”

– Troy T. California, USA.


“I felt so much better after the healing. I felt my throat clearing and lots of tummy rumbles. You are awesome at energy work. Thank you.”

– Jo C, Melbourne Victoria Australia.


“I wanted to say thank you and wow! I felt a high frequency tone in my right ear and felt more relaxed and went into a state of lucid dreaming. I work up with pain in my shoulder area and felt something was releasing from my body and the pain is gone.”

– Georgia, Arizona. USA.


“It was a lovely healing. I saw lots of colours of golds, blues and violets, and felt a lovely glow of warmth over my throat, chest and thighs. I felt tingling in my body and my foot jerked. Very calm and relaxed thank you.”

– J. Crystal, Energy worker, Melbourne Victoria, Australia.


“The healing with Debbie transported me to another world. I saw colours and places I hadn’t recognised. I had a shift in perception and have been more energised, more creative and I have more belief in myself such that I am now interested in taking my own healing path further, as prior to this experience, I was not sure why I was led to healing work. Thank you, Debbie, this was an amazing experience.”

– Graeham, India.


“I can feel a shift happening. There are still lingering thoughts and emotions around my issue, but it is lighter somehow. I am watching it unfold and trust that all will resolve in good time.”

– Anna, Quebec, Canada


“I always know a lot gets shifted when I fall into a deep space, and every session I have had with you allows me to go deep.”

– Fiona, Meditation teacher and energy worker, Melbourne Victoria, Australia.


“I feel amazing today! My spine, where I feel tons of energy all the time seemed to be tingling and cleared. Overall, I felt lightness, open, clean, clear, like a car that had all the fluids flushed. Now I am just joyfully being.”

– AMS, Toronto, Canada.


“I saw the grey life from my body and my heart felt as if it was being healed. My hands held an orb and as I let it go, I drifted off to sleep.”

– Shona C, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.


“After the healing I was not as reactive to the energies of the moon. My back pain and menstrual pain went by without notice. Thank you very much for the healing, it was an interesting experience.”

– Yulduz, USA.


“I believe your session was clearing out some very old energy from my throat chakra. I feel lighter and I believe it will be easier to speak my truth. Thanks so much for this gift. Barbara.”

– J. Washington, USA.


“I could feel energy pulsing through my body and then I drifted off to sleep. I am feeling refreshed now.”

– Jan U, Melbourne, Australia.


“This healing experience was great. My stress is gone, I am sleeping well, and my belly issues seems to have resolved.”

– Eric N, U.Kingdom.


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