What is shamanic healing?

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual and healing practice used by Indigenous cultures worldwide and revived in modern times. From a shamanic perspective, ailments or illness in the body is due to unbalanced states and energy flow. The practitioner works with spirit via all levels of the human energy field to clear density and reinstate balance in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.


What is vibrational medicine?

In quantum physics, everything has a vibration. All sentient beings are made up of vibrating atoms at the cellular level. Our cells form tissues, tissues form organs and organs, form all the systems in our body. The human body is also made up of energy pathways and energy centres that are in constant communication with our cells via light intelligence. Each energy centre or Chakra has an influence over our immunity, our endocrine glands, our biology and psychological function, which is determined by the amount of energy flow in our system and our overall functioning. The shamanic practitioner assesses and restores the energeticpathways with spiritual support from the universal energy system to locate and remedy imbalances to heal and restore the body to its optimal functioning in the physical.Vibrational medicine can be said to shift the physical, mental and emotional states of the body, by neutralising the energy pathways to a clear, charged and balanced state.



How does the body become unbalanced?

Our body is continuously responding to stimuli from our internal and external environment via our filters as a reflection of the contents of the mind, emotions and soul. Our body and mind are intimately connected and imprint each other through our conscious awareness and unconscious conditioning, and message us via ailments, disorders, illness, disease, pain or discomfort manifested in the body. Our consciousness is determined by our life experiences, childhood and soul history, which influence how we respond and react to what happens in our life, how we interpret our reality and what actions we take. One need only do an internet search to realise how many well known scientists have established that 95% of our brain activity is unconscious conditioning, which includes our habit patterns, thoughts, beliefs, values, emotions, long-term memory, automatic body functions and cognitive bias. This means we are not aware of how our thoughts and programming are creating our reality, until we receive the messages from our body that all is not well, or as we would like it to be.

Childhood experiences play out in all our relationships, including the relationship we have with ourselves. This in turn influences how we show up in the world and how we receive or are received by others. These experiences create a feedback loop that supports our conditioned beliefs.

These negative feedback loops create stress in the body, suppress the immune system and perpetuate disease processes in the body. Common emotional patterns include fear, shame, guilt, resentment, anger, grief, criticism and rejection, which are all linked to the body systems and energy centres as mentioned earlier.
As children, we don’t have the capacity for reason and therefore we form unconscious core beliefs about ourselves, for example, feeling unworthy, feeling devalued or not feeling enough, and we create our lives from that stance. The influence of unconscious programming can create an ongoing feeling of unease, (fear in the body), which may feel familiar over time, as the ego mind’s job is to keep everything familiar, as this sameness is considered safe to the mind, however it is creating a stress response in the body on an ongoing basis.

When our unconscious programming is operating in fear, it activates the adrenal system (part of our endocrine system) to produce chemicals required for the fight, flight or freeze response, which is appropriate in an emergency, however when fear is experienced on an ongoing basis, (often unnoticed), it leads to digestive, kidney and bladder disorders. As noted earlier, all emotional patterns are linked with a particular energy centre and corresponding physiology, psychology and endocrine system. If we resist, avoid or deny the issues, the symptoms will persist and worsen over time.

The Greek philosopher, Aristotle said, “Give me the boy at seven and I will show you the man.” (This patriarchal language equally applies to girls however the statement at the time has been left to reflect Aristotle’s statement). (It is also noted that children birthed since 1999 hold the template for the fifth dimensional template within them, which means they hold a higher frequency than the world around them and are more pure and sensitive in their heart and emotions to those born prior to this date. In other words, those born after 1999 have their consciousness running through their heart chakra as opposed to the ego or solar


What is the solution?

All things in the physical realm are built from templates in the non-physical or energetic realm and therefore can be remedied through the non-physical realm via shamanic healing practices and processes to support your awareness in identifying your unconscious programming. This does not mean that you ignore conventional medical intervention; however conventional medicine is not the full solution. It is often like removing a branch from a tree and not the root of the tree, which over time will eventually grow back.

Please know that you are a sovereign being, and therefore the healing is only as effective as your willingness to make a commitment to your growth and take the action steps required to realise an optimal state of functioning and to be the greatest version of yourself possible







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