Debbie McKenzie, Mar 20, 2021 • 5 min

The Krystic Energy System is a future technology coming back into this present time of the Golden Age; the Age of Aquarius. To give a bit of a back story. Eclipses are significant because they come back in time and forward in time to bring energies from the past and the future, to bring them back to this present moment. This system is beyond the human mind to understand, as it is a level of consciousness that goes beyond learned knowledge and the five senses. The technology involves the 14 stages of resurrection of the light body to go back to the 14 base templates of the DNA. Our light body is like the chariot of our soul and must be activated to achieve ascension. When we incarnate on this three-dimensional planet, (there are twelve densities but only three dimensions of height, width and depth) We only have 30% of our soul in our body. Our work is to cultivate our light body, so we embody more of our soul in our physical vessel.

The Krystic Energy System is not a modality, it is the way we connect with the energy and the self and our future timeline reality in order to experience healing and wholing that supports our ascension. Healing is a return to love, a return to wholeness. It is about being able to connect with the reality that all is already whole. Prior to this session, it is a requirement to write a written measurable intention. For example, if you have a physical health issue, you may write: “My intention is to release any pain and inflammation in this part of my body that is currently a pain score of 6 out of 10.” Or you may be out of balance between you giving and receiving or being overly busy versus allowing time for rest and you may wish to write an intention around how you will experience your life after the session and moving forward. For example, “My intention is to tune into my body regularly throughout each day to ensure I am achieving a balance between supporting my own needs and taking care of the needs of others.”

This will be an interactive session interspersed with silence during which time the clearing and realignment is occurring.

During this session we clear your energy field and work with your intention to focus on locating the origins of the aspects you wish to clear and return you to alignment, to the Zero point, the Primordial Source, with your true self as love, in true resonance with the Grand Operating Design of all creation and the light that you are. You are then held by all creation and upheld and supported by the universe itself and there is no miracle that can’t be achieved. There is nothing that can’t be experienced in the purity of that stream. The deeper you love, the stronger you feel love and the more you give love.





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