Debbie McKenzie, Mar 20, 2021 • 5 min

Pellowah is an extremely high-vibrational healing method that works on the mind and spirit to create deep and long-lasting healing. It is also a powerful tool in raising an individual’s energy vibration to help him or her reach a higher spiritual state.
Pellowah is one of the strongest healing modalities, yet not as well known as Reiki. It is the purest modality on earth and the most effective one. Pellowah was first channelled into the world in 2002 as a tool for enlightenment with the intention of expanding consciousness, but soon became even better known as a healing method.

The effectiveness of a healing session has little to do with how much the ‘client’ feels. Everyone’s experience is unique. You may feel nothing , you may feel a lot, you may fall asleep or come in and out of consciousness, however regardless of whatever your experience, the energy will be working. Some feedback clients have made about their experience includes dreaming vividly, an influx of creative ideas, tingling sensations, seeing lights or colours appearing, floating sensations, rumbling stomach, muscle twitching, heavy limbs, total relaxation and falling asleep. Remote Pellowah works on the mental and spiritual level first, so it is not always physically felt. Results can include, improved clarity, inner peace, inner strength, confidence, intuition, an improvement in overall sense of well-being, emotional healing, expanded perception and objectiveness. Pellowah also clears the meridians, heals the aura, strengthens the Chakra’s and improves the effectiveness of alternative healing modalities.
Results are on Source’s terms and healing occurs in layers. So our ideas about what the Pellowah will do and source’s idea may be very different as the healing happens according to the highest good. The Pellowah is 100% pure and not filtered through the practitioner. The 45-60 minute session continues to disperse energy for 24 hours after your session. The reason for this is because Pellowah is a bit like a ‘computer program’ where you need to download the entire program before it can function properly. All the pieces of a Pellowah healing session are required because they all work together to give the final result.
Prior to your session, ensure you have a glass of water and continue to maintain well hydrated to help with the energy flow. Also ensure you have no noise, switch off the mobile phone and any other device. Lay down in a relaxed position in readiness to receive the energy. You may notice that you have the best sleep you have had in a long time after the session. (On rare occasions a person has the opposite effect and the person can’t sleep, however either experience is not necessary for a particular result)





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