What is a Soul Blueprint Reading

What is a Soul Blueprint Reading

Debbie McKenzie, July 20 2023 • 5 min

Your Soul Blueprint is based on the twenty-two Hebrew Fire Codes that are within our body from incarnation, however our birth name carries the specific codes that our Soul has chosen to focus on for its purpose in this life time. The sound of our name at birth carries the unique frequencies that highlight the challenges and goals to navigate in order to support us in our soul’s trajectory or destiny. Although there is destiny, there is also free will and therefore it is ultimately up to each individual to choose in any moment, what they are aligning with. All creation starts with sound, which creates a vibration, which creates light of various colours on the spectrum, which then creates the geometry of form.

As humans, we are beings of light and the sound of our name also follows this trajectory and shapes the form that we are here to uniquely experience as an aspect of the creator.

Our higher purpose is to embody our Soul Blueprint, so we can express our gifts and share them in love and service to the world.

Therefore, knowing what gifts are contained in our Soul Blueprint is really important. For when you know your gifts, you can use these to transmute your challenges via the goals contained in your Soul Blueprint.

Challenges often come via limiting beliefs that can be inherited or acquired through childhood conditioning and through the expected norms that many beings follow in order to feel a sense of belonging in their community, workplace, family and so on. Our challenges include behaviours we adopt as a result of our limiting beliefs. For example, if you have a belief that you are not enough, your behaviour will reflect this in various ways. This could include a drive to continue doing more and more and never feeling satiated, or comparing yourself to others, or not following your dreams because you don’t believe it is possible. This is just one of thousands of examples. You will no doubt be able to identify some behaviours that feel constricting or limiting, or addictive or keep you playing small.

Although people change their name, your birth name contains the Soul Script for this lifetime, however name changes bring with it different frequencies that can support us or provide additional challenges in this life.

Now is a perfect opportunity to align you with your soul’s intentions with clarity and be inspired to take the action steps needed to transmute what is no longer serving you, so you can be the best version of yourself in expression of your unique essence.

If you feel a resonance with a receiving a Soul Blueprint reading, you can contact me via the Discovery Call template on the front page of my website.

I would require your full name at birth and your current name. I will create a profile (your Merkabah with your codes on it) and will send this to you beforehand, so you can refer to it during the session. I will record the session so you can review it at any time.




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